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On this page you will find many of the products that we endorse as serious Bigfoot researchers by some of our favorite people…as well as fun and whimsical items that celebrate all things Bigfoot! Each product below will enhance your own enjoyment and study of Bigfoot and also delight the squatchers in your life!

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Truth Denied: The Sasquatch DNA Study (Scott Carpenter)

In the most scientifically sound treatise on Bigfoot DNA analysis currently in publication, Scott Carpenter takes you behind the scenes of the ground-breaking Sasquatch Genome Study. Scott was a sample contributor and worked closely with the study team. You will get his unique perspective as you learn how the Sasquatch Genome Study came into existence, progressed, made profound discoveries and then was attacked from both within the “Bigfoot Community” and “Main Stream” science. The reason? The truth was not palatable for either group and sent shock waves throughout the research community. Scott details how these groups formed a loosely linked “conspiracy of the likeminded” and how this eventually coalesced into a well-organized smear campaign. The target being the leader of the project Dr. Melba Ketchum and the results of the project. The ultimate goal? Destroy Dr. Ketchum both personally and professionally along with discrediting the Sasquatch Genome Study. To hide from the public the truth about the identity of the creature known as Sasquatch. To deny the truth!


The quintessential guru of contemporary Bigfoot research is, of course, Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Professor of Anthropology at Idaho State University. We have worked personally with Dr. Jeff and fully support his ongoing work.

If you are not acquainted with SASQUATCH: LEGEND MEETS SCIENCE, you need to either read it or turn in your squatcher card! Dr. Meldrum expertly moves Bigfoot theory from the realm of paranormal hoaxing to scientific, evolutionary plausibility while still allowing readers to draw their own conclusions.


Dr. Meldrum’s most recent field guide, published in 2019
Dr.Meldrum’s classic field guide from 2013 – everything you need to know!
Delight your own researcher with this genuine field journal so they can document all their own finds!!


As Dr. Meldrum’s predecessor and mentor in the field of Bigfoot research, no Bigfoot enthusiast’s library is complete without Dr. Krantz’s volume, the first to apply the scientific method to the cultural mythology, including the famous “Patty” film.

In this book, Childress documents the cultural mythology of Bigfoot on the the North American Continent from the 1800s until present day.
You’ll need a lot of coffee (or other beverage) to support your all-night, obsessive reading of Bigfoot tales…this 30 oz thermal mug should do the trick!!
This volume is amazing, full of eyewitness accounts by the authors as well as interviews…the reports will blow your ever-loving MIND!!!
Decorate your space with this beautifully created fusion of Van Gogh and our favorite Hairy Man! This is Hannah’s personal favorite….
As native Oregonians, the SquatchAmerica team has traveled this very highway many times and has had similar experiences as are documented here! An essential for your own bookshelf and adventuring.
Well known for his work with Bigfoot language, Ron Moorehead now brings his expertise to the “woo-woo” side of Bigfoot study…quantum physics theory. A must read for any serious researcher.

E-Books (Kindle)

A fabulous historical read of Bigfoot reports by Squatch America guest, Daniel Perez.