Possible Bigfoot Photo

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July 6, 2018

Here is a photo analysis of a recent photo I shot in June 2018. This was taken in conjunction with the sound of chatter, the distinctive “Bigfoot smell”, and footprints found in the immediate vicinity. At the time of the photo, I was investigating 5 recent sound reports in this area, following 6 years of consistent reports of activity in this area at this time of year. Watch the video and then decide for yourself. Share and get your friends’ thoughts.

I have been looking for 25 years and this is the closest I have been to something I considered possibly credible because of all the collaborative evidence in the same place. I have found footprints over the years; most I pass up because of lack of detail. Anthropology has been my field of study and I have been on First Nation archaeological digs around the U.S.; my training in evidence gathering ensures that I work hard to verify that what I think I’m looking at is actually what I’m looking at. Searching for Bigfoot is a passion of mine, not as a funny aside to amuse myself, or a joke to get attention, but as a passion for the unknown. There are countless Native legends about this creature. I have spoken with many Tribal Elders/Members that have a solid knowledge and history of this thing we call Bigfoot. As an anthropologist I cannot set aside the rich history and legend as a silly story. Do I believe? I leave belief to the spiritually minded; I do, however, consider the evidence. With thousands of years of history behind the legends, I can’t help but consider this a great possibility and I cannot pass up the challenge to do the research in earnest.