This is a video that was sent to us in Jan 2020.

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January 29, 2020

We recently received this report: A young man and his friend were up in an Eastern Oregon snow park trail head area, anticipating some snow play. As soon as they entered the parking lot they found large footprints that led off the mountain behind the trail head, through the parking lot, and down the hill. There are many established trails leading out of the parking area. This is where people go to snow shoe and cross country ski. But the big foot prints did not follow any of those trails. They simply walked straight off and down the steep mountain.

We investigated their report, armed with snow shoes and trekking poles. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get up there for a solid week after they reported, and it had snowed multiple times and the parking lot had been plowed, removing any traces of any prints. However, that didn’t keep us from finding other interesting things…

…watch our investigation HERE to find out what those things were!