Bigfoot 911 Call!

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October 12, 2018

We recently received a call from two campers near Detroit Lake, Oregon. They were concerned for their safety, but wanted us to help them with documenting their experience. You can watch this video to see what happened.

The men did raise a interesting question for me. They found a long stick, one that, to them, strongly resembled a walking stick. Certainly we know most of the great apes use tools: pieces of straw to fish out termites from holes, or rocks to crack nuts. But do we have any idea of the depth of the tool use? Does is extend to walking assistance? It is well within the realm of possibility. I did find a example from a chimp at a zoo.

This example of tool use (or abuse!) begs the question, “Was it a walking stick?”

I theorize that Bigfoot most certainly can and do use tools. To what extent we don’t know. But the witnesses of this encounter certainly suggest that a walking stick is not out of the question.

When I was working on a Native American archaeological dig a few years ago, we had to keep our eyes out for artifacts that were just laying around on the surface. I happened to take my lunch down to a stream near the site one day. While eating, I looked up and across the stream I saw a mortar bowl just lying on the bank. Now this mortar had to have been there for at least 100 years, more likely 200 years. Things like sticks, used as tools, do not last long so we are left hoping that Bigfoot has developed stone tools.

With that said, why can’t we find Bigfoot artifacts? I say we can; we just have to look. But can we discern between Bigfoot and Human tools? Just like the tree structures and tree breaks, can we conclusively say this is Bigfoot or Human? Is it Bigfoot or snow load that is breaking the trees? I think we need to go deeper into the wild than most people go. Only through deeper, more in-depth research will we learn to distinguish human tools from Bigfoot tools.

I plan to keep a sharper eye out for possible artifacts from now on. I kind of always have, often looking for historic artifacts like arrow heads or pioneer discards. I once found a old iron kitchen stove at a 7000 foot elevation in the middle of nowhere. Oh, those pioneers, trappers, and miners!

What do you think? Could this walking stick have been a tool for Bigfoot? Leave your comments below.