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I think I saw a Bigfoot…WHAT DO I DO NOW?

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Is Bigfoot REAL?

At Squatch America, we investigate the unexplained, not explain the uninvestigated. The species we understand to be as Bigfoot has not been formally or officially classified but there is a plethora of collected evidence – hair samples, foot and hand prints, DNA, etc. – that strongly suggests the reality of this species. Our educated answer to this question is a resounding YES. Check out the Recommended Reading list below for even more on this topic.

What IS Bigfoot?

Since we investigate the unexplained and don’t explain the uninvestigated, without a specimen to physically study, it is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. With that said, all of the evidence we have examined has led us to conclude that Bigfoot is another hominid species, related to humans and other primates with similar intelligence to human beings. Check out this YouTube video to learn more!

If I see tracks, what do I do?

The best thing for you to do is take tons of pictures with size markers…or whip out your handy-dandy casting kit and make a cast! Here’s one of our YouTube videos to help you learn just how to do that!

I have a question that isn’t answered here…

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For you smarmy, smart bookworms out there, here are our five favorite books (in our not-so-humble opinion) to get you started! We are Amazon (for better or for worse) affiliates and so by purchasing through our links, while you won’t pay any more, we will get a fractional commission off your purchase, so thanks in advance for your support!

Finding Bigfoot

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A howl in the distance. The biggest footprint you’ve ever seen. A blurry figure in the distance. These are the clues that lead us to believe there is something out there―Bigfoot. Stacked with information for your burning questions, this heavily illustrated work features a compelling narrative with commentary from the stars of the show, photographs and extras from the Animal Planet’s archives, and so much more.

Skeptics will be given all the information they need to decide for themselves if they believe, and enthusiasts will revel in this essential Bigfoot book.

When Roger Met Patty

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This book offers a truly unique analysis of the famous Patterson-Gimlin Film (the “Bigfoot” film, as it is also known) and addresses the question of hoax or fraud from the perspective of a film professional from that era. The film itself is truly the best evidence, far superior to any testimony, recollections, and similar descriptive account. As such, this analysis relies upon that best evidence only. This book is primarily written for the people who have not made up their minds and have not yet formed an opinion as to its authenticity. The truth of the Patterson-Gimlin Film is quite an extraordinary story.

SASQUATCH: Legend Meets Science

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In this landmark work on a subject too often dismissed as paranormal or disreputable, Jeffrey Meldrum gives us the first book on Sasquatch to be written by a scientist with impeccable academic credentials. He objectively looks at the facts in a field mined with hoaxes and sensationalism.

Meldrum reports on the work of a team of experts from a wide variety of fields who were assembled to examine the evidence for a large, yet undiscovered, North American primate. He explains all the scientific pros and cons in a clear and accessible style, amplified by over 150 illustrations.

The Oregon Bigfoot Highway

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The Oregon Bigfoot Highway celebrates adventure and history along Oregon’s National Scenic Byway No. 5. The Oregon Bigfoot Highway (The OBH) collects 31 Bigfoot sighting reports, 43 Bigfoot track finds, and 69 Bigfoot-related incidents in the mountains of northwest Oregon. With sightings beginning in 1924 and track finds back to 1911, the 352 pages offer plenty of action and suspense. This mountain highway is among the most beautiful in the nation and is a likely home for Our Barefoot Friends. So, find your imagination, open your mind, sit back and enjoy this remarkable book!

Truth Denied: The Sasquatch DNA Study

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Scott Carpenter takes you behind the scenes of the ground-breaking Sasquatch Genome Study. Learn how the Sasquatch Genome Study came into existence, progressed, made profound discoveries, and then was attacked from both within the “Bigfoot Community” and “Main Stream” science. The reason? Neither group really wanted to hear the truth uncovered in this study. Carpenter details how these groups formed a loosely linked “conspiracy of the likeminded” which became a well-organized smear campaign. Why? To hide from the public the truth about the identity of the creature known as Sasquatch…to deny the truth!